Sunday, January 16, 2011


You’re looking forward to that, you say.

Fragments of an unspent tomorrow.

Rarely subtle, in your face. Demanding.

These moments they’re rare too.
And the power you plant in this sometimes carries you through time…
Memory grows stronger with it.

And then when the future is here, I’m glad I remember, and the shadow of the memory is what brings me around.

So, I hold on to the idea of the tomorrow that paints my today.

I question, I grow, I create music…and one day I hope it’ll be, larger than life.

The stray cat found dinner in the garbage can,
When I decided to clean this up. 

a response to 'this'

Sunday, January 9, 2011

She said "only the girl is in the cup..."

Walking down life's path you encounter railway tracks
Iron rails... wooden planks... the sound 
of trains blending with coffee 
drowning your mind in a whirlpool 
of philosophical bliss.
It's nice to be a bourgeois... sometimes... 
It's nice to be a proletariat... sometimes...